Please, let me acquaint you with modern Bishkek- capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, very dynamic, modern and rapidly developing city.
The Kyrgyz Republic is located in the very heart of the Central Asia, at the intersection of the most important trading arteries, historically relating the East and West. The spirit of the Great Silk Way, paved in the early Middle Ages from India and China to many world countries, is invisibly present in the rich history of our country. In its turn, Bishkek is the heart of Kyrgyzstan. And today the capital justly pretends to the role of the trade distribution center of the whole Central Asia region. Today, the capital of Kyrgyzstan has a substantial investment potential. Investors from the whole world are attracted here by a profitable geographic location, developed infrastructure and economy, effectively established operating transport and transit complex, considerable staff and intellectual resources. Besides, there is a formed legal and regulatory space favorable for foreign and domestic investors, there developed a mechanism of guarantees for protection of investors’ rights. There are applicable laws of the Kyrgyz Republic “Of investments in the Kyrgyz Republic”, “Of investment funds”, “Of state and private partnership”, “Of free economic zones” etc. We have been continuously working at improving the conditions for entrepreneurship development and creation of quality and attractive investment environment. As a result, more than 500 joint ventures with commonwealth countries and far-abroad countries operate today in Bishkek. Direct foreign investments were put into the capital stock of many leading enterprises and organizations, construction of various facilities, modernization of equipment etc. The goal of the book is to show our prospective partners abroad that any projects and plans can be implemented in practice in Bishkek city and that investors will definitely find here a comfortable atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutually profitable cooperation. We are always ready to a dialogue with business considering the territory of the city as a place for implementation of the most challenging ideas and resource mobilization. 

Handbook of an Investor 2015