REQUEST for Expression of Interest for provision of consultancy services to Bishkek City Development Agency under the Bishkek City Administration(BC

Posted on 1 Jul, 2016

REQUEST for Expression of Interest

for provision of consultancy services

to Bishkek City Development Agency under the Bishkek City Administration(BCDA) for the Project “Development and Management of on-street parking system in Bishkek based on Public Private Partnership”

  1. Background

The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic is actively pursuing the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements to strengthen the quality of its public infrastructure and related services.

With support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the government has adopted in 2012 a Law on PPP to enable and facilitate PPP. An institutional setting has been designed to support the preparation and implementation of PPP with the Ministry of Economy as authorized public body i.e. coordinating agency and the Ministry of Finance responsible for approval of fiscal risks.

Also with support from the ADB, a Project Development Support Facility (PDSF) has been established (Government Resolution No. 147, 17 March 2014). The objective of the PDSF is to fund project preparation.

The Bishkek City Development Agency is one of the most active government agencies with regard to PPP having identified several potential PPP projects. One of the most promising PPP initiatives concerns the necessity of development and operation of complex on-street parking system in the city of Bishkek. Based on the project brief the authorized public agency for PPP, the Ministry of Economy has concluded and recommended to the Bishkek City Development Agency to proceed with the project.

Through its Project Development Support Fund the government of the Kyrgyz Republic has approved funding for the further preparation and implementation of this project initiative.

  1. Purpose

The Bishkek City Development Agency requires consulting services to assess the feasibility of the project “Developing and operating of on-street parking system in Bishkek based on Public Private Partnership”(hereinafter the Project) with particular emphasis on financial viability, bankability, risk determination and allocation, and value for money to the society at large.

III.Scope of work


            The required consulting services will include (detailed scope of work are in the Term of Reference which will be given to shortlisted companies):

  • Needs Assessment
  • Demand analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Structuring
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Market sounding
  • Impact Assessment

Facilitate Approval proceedings from authorized body for PPP i.e. Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance


  1. Duration of the Assignment.

Duration of the Assignment is approximately 5 months with possible extension. The Consultant will get down to work immediately after contract signing.  The Consultant will submit reports in Russian and English. 

  1. Reporting and Time Schedule for Deliverables

Consultants must submit reports to the Head of the PPP Unit of the Bishkek City Development Agency in paper and electronic versions in Russian and English languages as follows:

            Schedule of deliverables

  • Inception Report (1 month after start)
  • Draft Feasibility Report (3 months after start)
  • Final Feasibility Report (5 months after start)


  1. Expected Outcomes:
  • Detailed Feasibility Study for the Project;
  • Recommendations and roadmap for project implementation
  • Other necessary documentation;
  • Reports.


  1. Qualification Requirements


Interested (inter)national consulting companies with relevant experience in implementation of PPP projects preferably in the municipal infrastructure sector are requested to provide information / company profile indicating qualifications to fulfill the assignment:

  • Confirmation of relevant experience in completion of at least 3 Feasibility Studies (provide with descriptions of the last contracts and contractor’s contacts) on projects in the municipal transport infrastructure sector, preferably in (on-street) parking projects;
  • Confirmation of relevant experience with municipal transport development in the region;
  • Confirmation of relevant experience with PPP preferably in municipal transport;
  • Information on the Consultant specialists, including their qualifications and relevant skills. The Consultant’s team must have professional knowledge about parking systems and experience in PPP projects, and include the following specialists with knowledge of English and Russian (preferably):
    1. Project manager/PPP specialist
    2. Technical specialist on parking systems
    3. Economist (municipal transport)
    4. Project Finance specialist
    5. Legal expert
  • Interested consultants will provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar projects undertaken, CVs etc).
  • Consultants may also associate to enhance their expertise of the group, preferably with national consultants. BCDA reserves the right to modify the current scope of work if required.

For any questions please contact by e-mail:,

Eligible firms are requested to submit their signed “Expression of Interest” (in .pdf format) in English or Russian for the assignment by 17:00 hours (GMT +6:00) on 20rd  July 2016 to the following address:

Bishkek City Development Agency,

Jibek-Jolu st.495a, Bishkek, Postal Code 720040, tel.(fax): +996 312 325325

Contact person: Mr. Stalbek Sazbakov, CDA  investments and PPP unit, 2-nd floor.

Tel.: (+996)312 325293; 325294, fax:  (+996)312 325325

Request for Proposals will be issued to the shortlisted firms.